n. & adv.
1 not anything (nothing has been done; have nothing to do).
2 no thing (often foll. by compl.: I see nothing that I want; can find nothing useful).
3 a a person or thing of no importance or concern; a trivial event or remark (was nothing to me; the little nothings of life). b (attrib.) colloq. of no value; indeterminate (a nothing sort of day).
4 non-existence; what does not exist.
5 (in calculations) no amount; nought (a third of nothing is nothing).
1 not at all, in no way (helps us nothing; is nothing like enough).
2 US colloq. not at all (Is he ill? — Ill nothing, he's dead.).
Phrases and idioms:
be nothing to
1 not concern.
2 not compare with.
be (or have) nothing to do with
1 have no connection with.
2 not be involved or associated with.
for nothing
1 at no cost; without payment.
2 to no purpose.
have nothing on
1 be naked.
2 have no engagements. no nothing colloq. (concluding a list of negatives) nothing at all.
nothing doing colloq.
1 a there is no prospect of success or agreement. b I refuse.
2 nothing is happening. nothing (or nothing else) for it (often foll. by but to + infin.) no alternative (nothing for it but to pay up).
nothing (or not much) in it (or to it)
1 untrue or unimportant.
2 simple to do.
3 no (or little) advantage to be seen in one possibility over another. nothing less than at least (nothing less than a disaster). think nothing of it do not apologize or feel bound to show gratitude.
Etymology: OE nan thing (as NO(1), THING)

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